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We use a variety of raw materials to manufacture our boots for different applications. Below is a list of materials that make up the base, midsole, uppers and lining system.

base / midsole

Base materialA material that absorbs the downward force of the weight of the body to reduce foot fatigue. It also acts as an insulator.
Vulcanized Rubber
Rubber that has been converted from its crude state to one that is durable and strong.
A man made material that is lightweight, flexible, hard wearing and is shock-absorbing. 
Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)
A rubber related to resin-rubber consisting of a blend of petroleum-based synthetics that produce rubber-like qualities and which can be fused by heat and processed into soles by injection moulding.
An ultra light proprietary material with microscopic gas-filled cells. It is warm and structurally supportive.


Timberwolf Leather
Upper materialA silicone treated waterproof leather. If is full grain, which means it is the full thickness of the hide and not shaved down. This durable leather remains supple even in freezing temperatures. It is called Timberwolf because it performs well in the conditions in which wolves live and of course it is not made from Timberwolves.
Timberwolf Nubuck 
As above it is silicone treated leather that is waterproof. The leather is brushed to make it looks like suede, but unlike suede it is the outside of the leather that is brushed, not the inside. It looks soft but is more hardwearing than suede.
We use suede for detailing because of its softness and suppleness. It is created by turning the inside of the leather so it faces the outside. 
Rip Stop Nylon
Upper materialA nylon plain weave fabric that is lightweight, wind resistant and water resistant. Large rib yarns stop tears without adding more weight.
A term used to indicate the size or number of filament or yarn. The higher the number the heavier the yarn or fiber.
Double Weave Nylon
A woven fabric construction made by interlacing two or more sets of (warp) vertical yarns with two or more sets of filling yarns.
A completely synthetic fibre known for its high strength, superior flexibility and excellent resilience. Nylon fabric is naturally resistant to shrinkage, wrinkling and is hydrophobic and quick-drying.
Carbon Fibre Leather
An artificial leather made with carbon fibres, making it remarkably strong, durable and resistant to abrasion.

lining system

Vaporized Aluminum Membrane
Liner materialA membrane that is deposited from vapor. It surrounds the thermal insulation layer of the inner boot system. It is highly reflective which helps keep heat in and cold out.
Hydromax II
A feature of Baffin boots that enables extreme exertion in cold weather. The Hydromax II layer is made of the same materials used in babies� diapers and is capable of absorbing several times its weight in moisture, pulling it out of the foam and away from the skin. The wetness then diffuses out of the boot through capillary action.
B Tek 4 Channel Hollow Fibre Insulation
A layer traps air maintaining it a constant temperature. It provides excellent thermal resistance especially at lower temperatures.
Form Fitting Polymech Foam
A high density open cell foam that provides a balance of compressibility and cushioning. It conforms to foot�s contours and provides light-weight, efficient insulation. Moisture can pass through it, pumped by movements of the foot.
A comfort layer next to the foot that is soft yet durable. This velvety smooth innermost material wicks moisture away from the foot.
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