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Our Brand Responsibility

While Baffin is focused on providing leading-edge, Outdoor and Industrial Footwear and Apparel products, there are other things our Brand deems just as important. As Baffin exists in the world, it has a responsibility to the environment and the people who live in it.



In our manufacturing labors, Baffin works hard to manufacture as much of our product as possible in Canada. Our domestic production is complemented by fair labor engagements abroad, where we are proud to be leaders in developing positive relationships overseas.

As well as philanthropy at home, Baffin believes in global support of those less privileged in the world. Currently, Baffin is partnered with the Sir Edmund Hilary Foundation. Through this partnership, we are committed to increasing the availability and quality of education, reforestation and healthcare for the Sherpas of the Solu Khumbu region of Nepal.

Regardless of the cause, global support of those less privileged in the world will remain an unhindered motivation for Baffin. All members of the Baffin team strive to treat each and every one of the Brands stakeholders with the level of service and respect that its members would expect as consumers of their own product.

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