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Learn about the development, technologies and real-world testing that goes into each and every product that Baffin produces. In the following pages we highlight our experiences in some of the most extreme and remote places our planet has to offer, as well as dive into the differentiating features that remain at the core of the Baffin brand and its products.

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    Expeditions and Adventurers

    Baffin believes in real-world testing. The "Living the Brand" tagline sums up everything Baffin sets out to do, beyond our experiences at the Poles. Baffin is proud to say that every one of our trips is a success and not just because the product succeeds every time.

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    Baffin’s Outdoor technologies remain as the foundation for all of our products. We over-engineer our products to ensure they’ll perform in the harshest conditions they face. Not every one of our products contains every technology; but we use various elements and compounds found on this page in a number of ways, for many different applications.

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    All of Baffin's s safety footwear is designed to perform for the applications in which they are to be used. We ensure that in pursuing CSA, ASTM and CE certifications, that we not only meet the standards but also exceed them. Please contact Baffin regarding any specific certification performance criteria or industry specific applications.

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