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Adventure Stories

Also we listen to our users who describe how they use our boots for different activities, including snowmobiling, ice-fishing, hunting, mushing and working in industries like construction, oil, mining, forestry and outdoor winter recreation.

Over the years we have created a line of industry-leading footwear that performs in extreme conditions for an ever-growing list of loyal users, some of whom trek to the ends of the earth - and that includes us.

Previous Story Contest Winner

Story Contest Winner 2009I'm a die hard ice fisher, and as you could guess, it gets pretty cold. While ice fishing on Lake Simco, Ontario, my feet were frozen. I happened to come upon another fisherman named Steve, and I told him how I had to pack in the day early because my feet were so cold. He told me that he had boots from Baffin, and that he could stay out here all day because his feet were never cold. He told me how they were the best boots EVER!! He then, jokingly, went on to tell me that even if everything else was frozen solid, my feet would still be warm.

After looking online at your boots, and hearing all the buzz, I decided to take the plunge. I went fishing the next day, and loved the boots. The weather, with the wind-chill was -25/30, but not to my feet. I would tell anyone to buy these boots if they are outside all day, with chilly feet. I believe that because of your boots, Steve and I have found a common bond. Not only have I gained a warm pair of boots, I have gained a friend.

Thanks Baffin!!!







Other Entries

Dear Baffin,

Polar bear storyI have been involved in polar bear captures for the last two years in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas west and north of Alaska. We dart the bear with a tranquilizer from a helicopter. It takes the bear from 2-10 minutes to go down. Then they are measured, weighed, poked and prodded etc. Samples of blood, hair, fat and various swabs are taken to get a measure of the bears health. The bears on the Chukchi Sea appear to be in great shape and eating well.

I purchased a pair of Doug Stoup boots last fall and I wanted to let you know how much I like them. The temperature gets down to -20 or more and the wind chill cuts to the bone. Since I started wearing you boots, my feet have stayed comfortable for periods of up to 10 hours. I particularly like the ease of donning and taking them off.

Thanks for a wonderful product.


Dear Baffin,

WHAT A BOOT!!! Talk about feeling like slippers!There's so much insulated padding that they almost feel too tight! But I can see why hard working (or hard playing) outdoorsmen love these boots.I can't get over how thick the insulating padding is. I anxiously awaited the real cold weather of winter so I could give these boots a good workout.Well, I'm here to tell you they performed with flying colors!Eight hours of 10-20oF cold, standing on a frozen lake, ice fishing,with a slight, but hand-numbing breeze, was my acid test so far. While I could barely feel my face and hands by the end of the day, my feet were indeed TOASTY.You weren't kidding when you said I'd be warm!!!

Thanks so much for what I believe will be many years of "happy feet"!


Dear Baffin,

I love your boots. I was shooting a TV commercial in BC on the mountain and bought your boots in hopes that finally, my feet would be warm. Eureka! They were perfect. All day shooting on the mountain with no problem feet. Heaven.



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