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Questions?Call Us: 1-800-387-5858
Baffin Expeditions

Baffin Expeditions

When polar enthusiasts trek to the North or South Poles they subject themselves and their footwear to the most demanding conditions imaginable. The extreme cold temperatures, howling winds, ice flows of the Arctic and the high altitude of the Antarctic make these treks arguably the harshest in the world. This makes the Poles the perfect place for field testing Baffin boots.

Paul Hubner of Baffin has done just that! Trekking to the geographic North (2006,2008) and South (2008) Poles and Baffin Island (2009) he has put his Baffin boots to the test. By getting out and experiencing Baffin product first hand during our own expeditions, we are able to constantly improve and refine our footwear using true first-hand experience. At Baffin we believe in living the brand. We remain focused on being the undisputed leader in outdoor performance footwear and apparel; providing quality, comfort and protection through constant real world testing and technical innovation.
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