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Share Your Baffin Experience

Some people are content with living their life indoors. Those who wear Baffin boots are not. We are a community who enjoy adventure, confront extremes and make the most of the outdoors. At Baffin we celebrate the thrill of conquering new challenges, sometimes alone, often as a team, accomplishing feats together that we could not achieve alone.

tell us your story

If you are a member of the Baffin community please tell us your story. Where have your Baffin boots taken you? What extreme conditions have you shared? How have you helped understand the environment and helped protect it? Please take the time to recount your story and photos. We'll put it on this website. The best story each season will score a free pair of Baffin boots. Get a friend to tell their story and your friend may also win the contest, in this case we'll send you both a free pair of Baffin boots.

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