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Outdoor Technology

Baffin’s Outdoor technologies remain as the foundation for all of our products. We over-engineer our products to ensure they’ll perform in the harshest conditions they face. Not every one of our products contains every technology; but we use various elements and compounds found on this page in a number of ways, for many different applications.

Each technology we introduce to the Baffin product assortment is not only tested in a lab, but also taken in to the field and real-world tested to use and experience first-hand.

Inner Boot System: Our multi-layer inner boot creates a warm environment because body moisture is wicked away. A Hydromax™ layer, combined with Baffin’s proprietary B-Tek™ (four channel hollow fibre) layer acts as a moisture control system keeping the foam dry and funneling water vapour out of the boot.


Our innermost layer, Baffin’s Thermaplush™, is a next-to-skin material that feels remarkably soft and smooth. A vaporized aluminum membrane has a silver surface which reflects energy back toward the boot.

Lastly, our waffle-comb foot-beds under the lining system create a space for warm air under the foot; and a double aluminum insole reflects cold toward the outsole.

As we offer a wide range of temperature protection, each series has a unique combination of these layers – sometimes doubling up where needed – to keep you warm in the most extreme conditions.


Compound Philosophy: At Baffin® we always use premium, high-quality raw materials to produce our various finished compounds for moulded bases and fully moulded boots. Our materials are sourced with the applications for which they will be used in mind. We flex each finished base or boot, with each compound blend, 50,000 times, in a range of cold temperatures to ensure their durability.

Here is a breakdown of our proprietary compounds that you will find are combined to make each series or product unique:

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Arctic™ Rubber: This TPR synthetic blend is our choice compound for base shell’s as it provides ultimate protection from the elements; striking a calculated balance between lightweight flexibility, cold-resistance, and resilience.

Premium Rubber: Baffin’s standard, natural-based rubber blend for flexible durability.

Superlite™ Blend: Our urethane-based synthetic compound allows for less material to achieve the same result, thus resulting in a performance fitting, lighter-weight base and boot.

AirGrip® Blend: Baffin’s proprietary balance of rubber and EVA produces an ultra-light blend, mouldable from the midsole through to the outsole to provide cushioning and grip while greatly reducing the weight of the boot.

EVA: A resilient and lightweight air-filled compound that insulates and cushions.

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