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Cool Videos

Check out some of our cool expedition videos and some 3rd party clips that you will surely enjoy. We are always on the look out for new clips to feature. If you have any to suggest and they are relevant to the subject matter that we cover, please send us the info.

We also have a VIDEO and PHOTO contest. So if you think your VIDEO rocks. Send it to us by filling out the VIDEO CONTEST FORM.

polar expedition media coverage

Video clip

CBC News

Paul's North and South Pole Expedition with his kids

Video clip

CBC Newsworld

Coverage from the North Pole

Video clip

Canada AM

Mission to save polar bears

Video clip

BT Edmonton

Reaching the North Pole after skiing the South Pole

in the action

Video clip

Thin Ice

Kayaking across an open lead

Video clip

Icy Incline

Trailing over a slope

Video clip

Base Camp

Remoteness and time constraints

Video clip

Moving Gear

Moving gear on thin ice

Video clip


Maneuvering on blocs of ice

Video clip

Trip Status

How the moon affects the arctic


Video clip


Sledding to Weasel River

Video clip

Voice Dispatch

Direct from Baffin Island

Video clip

Winter Adventure

Enjoying winter sports

Random Facts

Video clip

Flying to the arctic

Russian plane ride

Video clip


Toilet facilities in an arctic base camp

Video clip

Keeping feet warm

Expert advice on keeping your feet warm

Video clip

Winter Footwear Tips

How to purchase the right boot

Video clip

Factory Tour

Manufacturing footwear for extreme cold


Video clip


This is a short description of clip

Video clip

Footwear Technology

Up to 8 layer inner boot system

Video clip

Bathroom up high

Getting the right mountain climbing gear

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