Celebrating 40 Years of Footwear
Canada is well known for its four distinct seasons - each one with its fair share
of lovers and haters - but deep down, we all know that this is part of what makes our country special.

From our harsh winters with frigid temperatures and mountains of snow, to rainy,
muddy springs, Canadians deal with a wide range of weather in their day to day lives.
Thankfully, Baffin has a boot to get you through any type of weather that comes your way.


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Who We Are

Since 1979, Baffin has been creating some of the world's best-performing cold-weather and full-season footwear. The company has evolved to include a wide range of footwear, tested in the most demanding environments on the planet – with our preferred testing ground being the uniquely diverse and rugged landscape of Canada. We see Canada as our canvas for inspiring and proving what our product can help you accomplish. Thank you for 40 Years of Footwear, and here’s to 40 more. Baffin: Born In The North.

Our Philosophy

While we test all of our products in the factory and in various labs, that’s not where our product testing ends. We believe in "real-world" testing, and take our our products to extreme places in different environments to ensure they perform as designed. This testing is done by ourselves - the same people who design and develop the product actually use and test it as well. Our Founder and CEO Paul Hubner regularly leads product testing expeditions, and we over-engineer our products to ensure they'll perform in any work or outdoor environment, regardless of the elements.

Explore With Us

In May of 2010, Founder & CEO Paul Hubner trekked to Machu Picchu wearing a pair of Baffin’s that, at the time, were still in development. Essentially, the product succumbed to the demand, which some may have seen as a failure. At Baffin, we saw this as an opportunity to refine and better our product. Since those shoes failed for Paul, Baffin improved and corrected them so they won't fail for you.
This is one of the great examples of why we continue to challenge our product in real-world situations – we take pride in every pair of boots that we produce, and ensure they perform for us, so that we’re confident they’ll perform for you.

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