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Every aspect of the Baffin outsole has been meticulously thought out and developed to be the most functional possible. From the thread patterns, designed for maximum grip in their specific applications, to the materials used to strike the perfect balance between traction, flexibility, light weight and durability, the construction of the contact point between a Baffin boot and the terrain is second to none. In addition, Baffin has three new series incorporating Baffin's Icepaw technology.

icepaw technology

image of soleInspired by the Polar bear's surefooted grip on icy terrain, Baffin outsoles with Icepaw technology combine Icepaw pads to the bottom of the outsole.

These pads are moulded directly to the outsole from a proprietary compound that has a remarkable grip on both ice and snow. Icepaw outsoles add confidence to any activity requiring extra grip in winter's most slippery conditions.

gelflex midsole

Our classic GelFlex midsole is made up of combination of thermoplastic rubbers. The midsole is made up of a polymer that is elastic yet supportive, making it comfortable, and isolating the foot from the anti-slip outsole with its aggressive tread patterns. GelFlex is used on the Arctic series.

A polyurethane base with a moulded rubber sole are an unbeatable combination. We have been using them on the Conviction and Cortina series and the feedback has been entirely positive. The soles are tough and they are lighter than GelFlex. Now we are expanding our use of this technology to the new Polar Expedition series.

bxt and thermoplastic

Another advanced material is BXT, which is a ultra light proprietary material with microscopic gas-filled cells, is light, warm and structurally supportive. We use this material on the soles of some of our series.

For lighter-wear boots we use a combination of thermoplastic rubbers. Series using these are Reaction series.

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