Baffin x Protect Our Winters Canada: A Match Made in the Cold

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Made for individuals seeking the extraordinary, Baffin provides extreme outdoor performance footwear that allows you to challenge yourself on your coldest adventures. We believe that product testing shouldn’t end in a factory or lab, so we take our product to the most extreme environments on the planet. Knowing that our product succeeds in these places gives us confidence that it will succeed for others, anywhere on Earth.

Baffin’s love and commitment to experiencing the outdoors started with President and Founder, Paul Hubner – who has taken Baffin product to the North Pole, South Pole, Everest, Mt. Rainer, Peru, and on other countless adventures. Paul continues to inspire the team to get outside and experience the product in the elements through numerous expeditions, local team product testing excursions and partnerships with ambassadors across the globe.

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This passion for the outdoors and for the incredible experiences one can have in the cold has led Baffin to an ongoing partnership with Protect Our Winters Canada, a passionate community of enthusiasts, professional athletes and industry brands uniting the outdoor community to advocate for policy solutions to climate change. Led by Baffin’s Corporate Citizenship Employee Advisory Group (EAG), a group of employees from across different departments who develop programs and partnerships that help Baffin give back to the community, the two organizations have worked together to protect the great outdoors since 2021.

Baffin was inspired by POW Canada’s mission of turning passionate outdoor enthusiasts into effective climate advocates through educating, advocating and inspiring communities and stakeholders across Canada. They believe that their love of adventure in nature mandates their participation in the fight to protect and save it and we couldn’t agree more.

Baffin x POW Canada

Baffin is a Gold Partner of Protect Our Winters Canada. Supporting POW Canada in their incredible work to educate and advocate for the protection of our winters and the fight against climate change, we continue to encourage people to get outside and explore their surroundings.

Baffin is also proud to announce the commercial launch of its citizenship boot, COMPANION. Now available for purchase at (prices range from $60 to $80 CAD), 100% of profits will be donated to Protect Our Winters Canada. For every pair of COMPANION sold, Baffin will donate at least one pair to a North American organization in need.

Originally launched in Fall 2021 for donation only, COMPANION (available for all) was created to provide cold-weather footwear to those in need and have been donated through various North American organizations. A companion to those who may not have the means or capabilities to equip themselves with the gear they need to not only survive but thrive during the winter, the development of the program was initiated through Baffin’s Corporate Citizenship Employee Advisory Group (EAG). By way of request, Baffin has since donated 2,500 pairs of the cold-climate, rubber boots to Ukrainian refugees through UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. 

Manufactured in Baffin’s Stoney Creek, ON factory, COMPANION is built from a combination of recycled materials, regrind rubbers and virgin compounds – with members of Baffin’s workforce donating their time to production. Equipped with the same comfort and warmth as the brands in-line Tundra Rated boots, COMPANION features an unbranded exterior layer – consciously minimizing material and production costs, while optimizing donation impact.       

Baffin continuously works to repurpose as much rubber as possible to reduce waste with regular production boots, using 5% to 10% regrind materials. COMPANION uses regrind material from completed boots that did not meet quality standards and have been placed into a regrind machine to be recycled and used again. COMPANION is comprised of 50% regrind material, supplemented with donated compound care of Baffin suppliers, Felix Compounds and Aurora Plastics – who generously contributed 1,000 kilos of virgin materials to the program. 

 To purchase COMPANION with 100% of proceeds benefitting Protect Our Winters Canada, shop here.

 To learn more about Protect Our Winter Canada’s mission and how you can help, visit their website