Guest Post: Amici Children's Camp Charity


Discover the Impact of Camp with Amici Children's Camp Charity

Baffin’s commitment to supporting Canadian communities and promoting inclusivity in outdoor spaces aligns perfectly with our mission at Amici Children’s Camp Charity. Since 1966, we’ve been dedicated to sending children from low-income households, ages 7-17, to 48 Ontario Camps Association accredited partner camps across the province. Thanks to generous supporters like Baffin, we provide a multi-year camp experience, ensuring that every summer, campers return to a stable and nurturing environment where they can grow and thrive.

A Partnership That Inspires

Our partnership with Baffin began in 2017 with a remarkable journey. Mark Hubner, his brother Brent, and their friends from A for Adventure, Jan and Chris, embarked on a 1,000 km bike ride around Lake Ontario…in the middle of winter! Their goal? To raise funds to support Amici campers and inspire kids to embrace the outdoors, no matter the weather. The Explore Your Outdoors: A Charitable Expedition raised over $30,000, allowing many children to experience the joys of camp. Along the way, they visited schools, sharing their adventure and encouraging kids to explore the outdoors. During one school visit, they met an Amici camper—a full-circle moment that highlighted the impact of their efforts.

Since then, Mark and the Baffin Team have been steadfast supporters, helping us share the magic of the outdoors with children who need it most. Baffin’s dedication to support Canadian communities and the environment we explore has been instrumental in our mission to foster personal growth and lifelong skills in children with financial need.



The Power of Camp

For many kids, camp is more than just a fun summer activity—it’s a transformative experience. Immersed in nature, children develop leadership skills, independence, and resilience. Research shows that access to recreational programs like summer camp increases a child's likelihood of success in school and improves overall well-being. Our campers return home with reduced stress, a sense of control, and a positive identity. Camp offers an escape from technology and the challenges of living in a low-income household, providing a safe space to build confidence, meet role models, make new friends, and learn new skills.

This summer, we’re thrilled to offer the gift of camp to over 275 children from low-income families. Thanks to Baffin's unwavering support since 2017, over 60 children have reached their full potential through the power of camp.

We are incredibly grateful to Baffin for their many years of support, ensuring that camp remains a highlight in the lives of Amici campers summer after summer. Together, we are making a lasting difference in the lives of these children, helping them to grow into happy, confident, and resilient individuals.