Baffin is proud to launch a new Citizenship Boot Project to provide cold-weather footwear to those in need. Produced with a mix of recycled materials and donated goods, over 1,300 boots were manufactured in Baffin’s Stoney Creek, Ontario factory and will be donated to multiple North American organizations.

Baffin boots manufactured in Stoney Creek, Ontario

At Baffin, completed boots that do not meet quality standards are put into a regrind machine so the materials can be recycled and used again. The Baffin facility works to repurpose as much rubber as possible to reduce waste and in regular production, Baffin boots use 5% - 10% regrind materials. The Citizenship Boot Project was inspired by this process and uses the regrind material as the basis for creating a new line of boots that were manufactured with 50% regrind material.

To supplement the regrind materials, Baffin’s compound suppliers, Felix Compounds and Aurora Plastics donated 1,000 kilos of virgin materials to the program. This contribution from our partners, along with the substantial amount of regrind material, allowed for over 1,300 boots to be manufactured with the sole purpose of donating to those in need.

Inspired by Baffin’s existing insulated rubber boots HUNTER and LITTLE HUNTER, the boots from the Citizenship Boot Project are available for men, women and children.

The launch of this project is only the beginning. In F/W22 Baffin plans to launch this project commercially, allowing customers to purchase the products to be donated via Baffin, making the Citizenship Boot Project a true Baffin community effort.

The project was planned by Baffin’s Corporate Citizenship team, a group of employees from across different departments who develop programs and partnerships that help Baffin give back to the community. The boots were made by Baffin employees from the Stoney Creek factory who donated their time over four days to manufacture and package these boots.

At Baffin, we understand the importance of having the proper footwear to conquer the cold and are acutely aware that many people living in cold climates do not have the means to properly outfit themselves to be protected by the elements. We are thrilled to be able to use our expertise in footwear technology and the production of recycled materials to provide those in need with the warmth they deserve.