Baffin believes in real-world testing. "Living the Brand®" sums up everything Baffin sets out to do.

Baffin is proud to say that every one of our trips is a success and not just because the product succeeds every time. In May of 2010, Baffin's president Paul Hubner trekked to Machu Picchu wearing a pair of Baffins that, at the time, were still in development. Essentially the product succumbed to the environment and experience, which some may have seen as a failure. Since those shoes failed for Paul, Baffin improved and corrected them so they won't fail for you. This is what Baffin sees as a true success.

CTO (Chief Testing Officer)

Paul Hubner

Outdoor enthusiast Paul Hubner founded Baffin in 1997 and has since reached the North Pole, South Pole, Everest Base Camp, Mt. Rainer, and has enjoyed many other adventures. Today, Paul continues to be an active, contributing member to all aspects of the Baffin brand, though his true passion is being outside using the product.

Testing Team Director

Mark Hubner

Mark Hubner has trekked to the Geographic North Pole and across the Arctic Circle on Baffin Island. He has led several winter and all-season adventures, and continually tours some of the more extreme and remote areas of both Canadian & U.S. mountain ranges – most recently, Mark completed an end-to-end hike of Canada's longest marked footpath, the Bruce Trail. Mark accompanies Baffin products from ideation, through the development process and into real-world situations where he tests a wide range of products year in and year out.

Extreme Explorer

Ray Zahab 

Ray Zahab is a Canadian long distance runner and motivational speaker. He is the founder of impossible2Possible,
an organization that aims to inspire and educate youth through adventure learning, inclusion and participation in expeditions. Amongst his long list of notable accomplishments, Ray has crossed the Sahara on foot, broke the world speed record for an unsupported expedition by a team to the South Pole and has made several unsupported crossings of Baffin Island on the Akshayuk Pass.

Polar Adventurer

Doug Stoup 

Having skied to both the North and South poles more than anyone on the planet, Doug Stoup has led international scientific expeditions to both poles, pioneered locator beacons that track climate change, and leads disabled adventurers in the polar regions. He continues to not only push the limits of human endurance but to advocate and educate the masses about climate change and plastic pollution.

Global Triathlete

Connor Emeny

Connor Emeny holds the unique distinction of being the only person to complete an iron distance triathlon on 7 continents.
As an intrepid explorer and the driving force behind the
Chasing Antarctica project, Connor embodies resilience and determination in extreme environments. Baffin proudly supports Connor as the official boot of his expeditions, providing reliable footwear for his remarkable journeys.

Enviromental Activist

Meg O'Hara

Meg O'Hara, a Canadian artist and environmentalist, brings a blend of artistry and environmental consciousness to her work. Known for her captivating pieces that reflect a deep connection to nature,
Meg stands out in the art world for her unique perspective. Baffin proudly welcomes Meg O'Hara as a brand ambassador, recognizing her dedication to art and environmental advocacy. Her partnership with Baffin embodies a shared passion for innovation, sustainability, and the adventurous spirit.

Polar Adventurer

Sarah McNair-Landry

Sarah McNair-Landry grew up with the Arctic Ocean and a team of dog in her backyard. She is the youngest person to travel to both the North and South Pole, traverse the Greenland Ice Cap five times, venture into the Gobi Desert, guide an expedition to both the South and North Pole, and more recently kite ski 3,300 km retracing the Northwest Passage. Sarah has been named one of the "Top Ten Women in Adventure" by National Geographic Adventure Magazine.

Polar Adventurer


Internationally recognized as one of the top polar guides in the world, Matty McNair has journeyed to both Poles and set several world records. She led the first women's expedition to the North Pole in 1997 and has appeared on several TV shows including Top Gear, Wilderness Walks, Angry Planet, and Serious Arctic just to name a few. Matty is the author of On Thin Ice and one of the founding members of the International Polar Guides Association.

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