Baffin's Commitment to Global Conservation: Mark Hubner and Blake Moynes in South Africa

Baffin's Commitment to Global Conservation: Mark Hubner and Blake Moynes in South Africa

At Baffin, our commitment to exploring the great outdoors goes hand in hand with our dedication to preserving it. This spring, we are proud to highlight an extraordinary journey undertaken by two of our ambassadors, Mark Hubner and Blake Moynes, who ventured into the heart of South Africa on an inspiring mission with Global Conservation Force (GCF).



A Journey with Purpose

Mark Hubner, an avid explorer and passionate conservationist, teamed up with wildlife advocate Blake Moynes to support GCF’s tireless efforts in protecting endangered species. Their expedition was not just about experiencing the wild beauty of South Africa but also about contributing to a cause that resonates deeply with Baffin’s core values – safeguarding our planet for future generations.



On the Front Lines of Conservation

GCF, known for its hands-on approach to wildlife conservation, focuses on anti-poaching efforts, wildlife protection, and community education. Mark and Blake's involvement with GCF allowed them to witness firsthand the challenges and triumphs of conservation work. From tracking rhinos to participating in community outreach programs, their journey was a testament to the impact individuals can make when they join forces for a common goal.



EcoTour Highlights

During their stay, Mark and Blake joined GCF’s EcoTour, which offered a unique blend of adventure and education for guests. The 7-day journey at Kariega Game Reserve included:

  • Rhino Conservation Experience: Guests actively participated in rhino monitoring and anti-poaching efforts, gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges faced in protecting these majestic creatures.
  • Wildlife Photography Safaris: Daily game drives provided ample opportunities for capturing the beauty of South Africa's diverse wildlife.
  • Community Engagement: Participants engaged with local communities through conservation projects and cultural exchanges, fostering a deeper connection between wildlife conservation and community well-being.
  • Educational Workshops: Informative sessions led by GCF experts and local rangers on the critical efforts needed to protect endangered species and their habitats.


Supporting Anti-Poaching Rangers

A significant highlight of the expedition was Baffin’s donation of HUDSON boots to all rangers in training. This was marked by a heartfelt ceremony, recognizing the critical role these boots play in the rangers' work. The HUDSON boots provide the durability and support essential for the rangers’ demanding tasks in harsh environments. This initiative was especially meaningful given Blake Moynes' personal experience during his ranger training, where inadequate footwear led to a severe infection and nearly cost him his foot. This experience inspired Blake to partner with Baffin to ensure that rangers are equipped with the best possible gear, preventing such incidents in the future.

Real-World Product Testing

Throughout this expedition, Mark Hubner was aggressively testing Baffin's new range of hiking boots, which are set to launch soon. This rigourous field testing is integral to our real-world testing philosophy, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of performance and durability. Mark’s journey across South Africa’s varied and challenging terrains provided invaluable insights into the boots' functionality, reinforcing our commitment to delivering top-quality gear designed for the most demanding environments.



Equipped for the Wild

For this rigorous expedition, Mark and Blake relied on Baffin's high-performance gear, designed to withstand the toughest terrains and climates. Whether traversing the bush or engaging in hands-on conservation activities, their Baffin boots provided the durability, comfort, and protection needed to navigate South Africa’s diverse landscapes. This collaboration underscores our commitment to creating gear that supports not just adventure but also meaningful causes around the world.

Inspiring Change

Mark and Blake’s expedition with GCF serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of conservation efforts. Their experiences and the stories they bring back shine a light on the critical work being done to protect our planet's most vulnerable species. At Baffin, we are inspired by their dedication and are honored to support their journey.



Join the Movement

We invite our community to learn more about Global Conservation Force and discover how you can get involved. Whether through direct support or raising awareness, every effort counts in the fight to preserve our natural world.

Mark Hubner and Blake Moynes have shown us that with passion, purpose, and the right gear, we can all play a part in safeguarding our planet. Stay tuned for more updates on their incredible journey and join us in celebrating their commitment to conservation.

Together, let's take bold steps to ensure a future where adventure and wildlife thrive.

For more information on Global Conservation Force and to support their mission, visit Global Conservation Force.

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