What We Do

Baffin's technologies remain as the foundation of all our products. We over-engineer our products to ensure they'll perform in the harshest conditions they face.

In producing our Footwear & Apparel, we combine various elements, layering systems, comfort constructions and compounds found on the pages below in a number of different ways, for many different applications.


When we say a boot or shoe is waterproof - we mean it.  Alongside our fully-moulded rubber & waterproof neoprene boots, we also produce waterpr...


Here are a few of our iconic outsole designs & technologies:  Here is a breakdown of bases you’ll find on our various outdoor boots.  For a be...


Our multi-layer inner boot creates a warm environment because body moisture is wicked away. A Hydromax™ layer, combined with Baffin’s proprietary B...


All of Baffin's safety footwear is designed to perform for the applications in which they are to be used. We ensure that in pursuing CSA, ASTM and...


Compound Philosophy: At Baffin® we always use premium, high-quality raw materials to produce our various finished compounds for moulded bases and f...


Each and every component of our footwear is of equal importance. Our approach to insole technology is no different than the approach to any aspect ...
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