Winter is a season of the unexpected. With its snow-covered landscapes, extreme conditions, and endless opportunities for thrilling adventures, having the right winter boot is paramount. Baffin encourages customers to achieve the extraordinary, while we provide them with innovative, high-performance products they can trust. 

Baffin is proud to introduce LITESPORT, an evolution in winter footwear, where comfort meets agility without compromising style and protection. Made with a first of its kind lace-up inner boot technology and an innovative built-in-gaiter to protect from the elements, LITESPORT removes the need for a separate, secondary piece of protection. With easy snowshoe compatibility, LITESPORT is a versatile boot for winter adventurers and athletes alike. 

Exploration Meets Innovation

The creation of LITESPORT was a passion project for the team at Baffin over the past two years. As outdoor enthusiasts, we came to the development of this boot through our own desire for a product that would stop the need for a separate gaiter to be worn during outdoor adventures.

Taking inspiration from GUIDE PRO II, one of Baffin’s most extensive products and a favourite amongst Polar explorers, LITESPORT was created by combining the extreme protection of the 3-Pin Collection, with the lightweight agility of the Ultralite Collection. By adding a first of its kind lace up removable inner boot system, LITESPORT provides a personalized fit while offering security and comfort.

Baffin boots go through an extensive process to make sure customers get the best product for their needs. The team at Baffin executes product testing in real world applications and environments to validate confidence and deliver the highest quality product. Our Real-World Testing™ (RWT™) system helps to recommend comfort levels associated with Baffin footwear. Each level has been determined by extensive use of Baffin product in real-world application on expeditions around the world.

Last winter, Baffin’s Senior Vice President, Commercial, Mark Hubner spent the season testing LITESPORT in the elements across Canada. This process allowed the team to find ways to upgrade the design and create an even better product.

The Pinnacle of Performance


Winter activities demand the highest level of performance and protection. Baffin’s LITESPORT features a technically advanced design and inner boot system prepared to equip you in snowy conditions.

Insulation that Defies the Cold:

LITESPORT features Baffin's Removable Active-Fit Multi-layer inner boot system, with proprietary technology including Thermawick™ comfortable, hi-wick next-to-foot lining material for greater breathability and improved thermal regulation, form-fitting B-Tek™ Foam lining for comfort and B-Tek™ Lite proprietary aero-insulation blend that allows the inner boot to achieve greater thermal regulation while using less material. LITESPORT’s inner boot system also features B-Tek™ Heat lightweight 4-channel hollow-fibre insulation for high-loft breathability in a broad range of temperatures, PolyNylon™ blend used as an outer layer for lightweight and breathable liner durability and DiamondNet™ insulation for wind-resistant protection with a lightweight feel.

Real-World Tested™: Tundra Rated:

Proven by Baffin at latitudes and altitudes during Canadian winters, LITESPORT is Real-World Tested™* (RWT™) Tundra Rated. Designed for experiencing snow-covered environments and made to withstand harsh atmospheres including hardy winds and serious cold, LITESPORT thrives where uneven terrains and diverse conditions are endured. From plunging temperatures to deep snowfalls, LITESPORT provides comfort for those experiencing the coldest season, no matter the hemisphere.​

Waterproofing and Breathable Technology:

Keeping your feet dry is essential in snow-covered terrains. LITESPORT is classified as B-Tek™ Dry Waterproof Base, waterproof technology offering the maximum level of wet protection from the base up to the stich line. This category of waterproofing ensures that your footwear is purpose-driven – keeping you dry and providing thermal regulation where breathability is needed.

Lightweight Support:

Ease of motion while staying protected is LITESPORT’s main difference when to comes to winter boots. LITESPORT features a LiteGrip™ Blend base for lightweight cushioning and grip and a built-in gaiter to protect from the elements.

Recommended Use

LITESPORT is made for an array of cold-climate experiences and protects on both frozen and snow-covered terrains. Offering slip-resistance during moderate to high levels of activity, LITESPORT allows for ease of movement, comfort and stability while adventuring outdoors. Baffin recommends LITESPORT for winter sports and adventures including but not limited to hiking, snowshoeing, and powersports such as snowmobiling.

Finding the right boots for your winter explorations can make all the difference. LITESPORT will keep you protected from the elements and supported in every adventure, no matter where your path may lead.