At the outset of Fall 2023, Baffin’s Senior Vice President of Commercial, Mark Hubner embarked on a Real-World Testing expedition – an end-to-end hike of Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath, the Bruce Trail. Mark has worn Baffin footwear and apparel every step of the way, as he works to cover over 900 km, from Tobermory, Ontario, through the Niagara Region by the end of the Winter season. Each week he hikes a portion of the trail, camping on backcountry sites where possible along the way.  

According to the Bruce Trail Conservancy, only 4,440 people have recorded a completion of the intense end-to-end hike, which would take over 30 consecutive days of hiking 30 km or more to complete. Many spread this journey over several years. Providing an even greater challenge, Mark is completing this expedition in the Winter, which offers a unique and more arduous experience due to inclement weather and conditions along the pedestrian-only trails.  

The end-to-end hike of the Bruce Trail is Baffin’s first large-scale product testing expedition since the Winter circumnavigation of Lake Ontario in 2018 and is testing various Baffin products, from current in-line boots to upcoming Fall/Winter 2024 launches as well as new products that are still in the development stage.  




“The end of a journey is the beginning of the next.” -Joseph M. Marshall III 


On March 1st, Mark closed out Phase 5 of the Bruce Trail Expedition, welcoming many friends and special guests to the trail along the way. The completion of this phase marked a total of 721.96 km of main trail completed to date. With a substantial 214.67 km of the trail still lying ahead and the aim of completing this expedition by the first day of spring on March 19th, Mark set off on the last stretch of his journey. Joined with the support of many friends and family, Mark had unwavering determination to achieve his goal.  


Leg 20: Cedar Springs – Bruce Trail Southern Terminus Cairn  

Dates completed: February 29th – March 19th  

Kilometers completed: 214.67 km 


Embarking on the final phase of his remarkable journey, Mark began his trek on February 29th. Despite the brisk chill and a light dusting of snow, the trail soon unfolded into a sun-drenched path. Accompanied by Mariam Feldman and James Kemble from fishRecruit Inc., they ventured along the lightly snow-covered trail. Each step echoed with the crunch of snow-covered leaves, while the crisp air and radiant sun made for a refreshing day out on the trail. 

 (Left to right) Miriam Feldman, Partner, Retail and Digital Presence, fishRecruit; James Kemble, Managing Partner, fishRecruit; Mark Hubner, Senior Vice President of Commercial, Baffin 

Baffin products worn by Miriam Feldman and James Kemble: HIKE, ZONE 

On March 11th, Mark was joined by ultra distance runner, explorer, and founder of Impossible2Possible, Ray Zahab. Although this hike may have been less challenging compared to his usual training extremities, Ray did not fail to bring spontaneity to the trail. The warmer weather and overcast sky allowed for the perfect day. 

 (Left to right) Mark Hubner, Senior Vice President of Commercial, Baffin; Ray Zahab, Ultra Distance Runner, Founder, Impossible2Possible 

Baffin products worn by Ray Zahab: BOREALIS 

On March 13th, with the sun shining and spring temperatures, Mark was joined by partners of Baffin; beloved Hamilton Tiger-Cats players Simoni Lawrence and Brendan O’Leary-Orange, along with Tiger- Cats front office staff Their day started at the top of the Wentworth Stairs in Hamilton, ON, being greeted by local fans. After a few photos, they all set foot on their journey.  Fortunately, with their hike beginning with a descent down the stairs, the group found themselves on a nicely carved gravel path. Eventually reaching forest portions of the trail, they collectively trekked through uneven grounds of terrain. Throughout their hike, they encountered drastic levels of elevation, but nothing that Baffin boots and hiking sticks couldn't handle. 

 Back: (Left to right) Emily Smith, Client Service Manager, Community Partnerships, Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club; Amanda Heeran, Coordinator, Community Partnerships, Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club; Brendan O’Leary-Orange, Wide Receiver, Hamilton Tiger-Cats; Simoni Lawrence, Former Linebacker, Hamilton Tiger-Cats; Mark Hubner, Senior Vice President of Commercial, Baffin; Kyle Lohnes, Vice President, Partnerships & Retail, Hamilton Sports Group - Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club, Forge FC & Tim Hortons Field Front: Jessica Liut, Brand Director, Baffin 

Baffin products worn by the Ticats: ZONE, HIKE 

On March 15th, Mark was joined by his close friend and North Coal Founder, Jake Magee, along with travel influencer Sarah MacLean. As they trekked through muddy forest paths and navigated steep descents, the clouds parted, revealing a stunning blue sky that contrasted with the earlier overcast conditions. Crossing picturesque bridges and climbing wooden stairs, the group concluded their 8 km journey with a breathtaking view of Ball’s Falls. 

 (Left to right) Jake Magee, Founder, The North Coal; Mark Hubner, Senior Vice President of Commercial, Baffin; Sarah MacLean, Travel Influencer, @Wellnesstravelled 

Baffin products worn by Jake Magee and Sarah MacLean: HIKE, BOREALIS 

As the spring weather persisted, Mark was joined by friends, Jake Magee, Chris Penner, and Tim Carr on March 16th.  Embarking though the muddy pathways, the foursome travelled through the trail, following multiple streams of water, and up large cascades of rock formations.  Their day concluded as they reached a vantage point, overlooking Louth Falls. 

(Left to right) Jake Magee, Founder, The North Coal; Chris Penner, Friend of Baffin; Tim Carr, Friend of Baffin; Mark Hubner, Senior Vice President of Commercial, Baffin 

Baffin products worn by the Jake Magee, Chris Penner, and Tim Carr: ZONE, BOREALIS 

With only three days left before the end of this courageous adventure, Mark was accompanied by a group of great friends for support, helping him push through to the end. Chris Penner, Rob Carrick, Chris Surette, Ethan Lyons, and Jamie Mackenzie all joined Mark to help him conquer the day. Starting the hike at Swayze Falls, Mark and his friends journeyed through an overcast day, which included crossing the Bridge at Laura Secord's Crossing. As this section unfolded, tracing the winding paths of numerous streams, the terrain became saturated and muddy, splattering mud on everyone's pants and boots. 

Back: (Left to right) Chris Penner, Friend of Baffin; Rob Carrick, Friend of Baffin; Chris Surette, Founder, A for Adventure; Ethan Lyons, Friend of Baffin 
Front: (Left to right) Jamie Mackenzie, Friend of Baffin; Mark Hubner, Senior Vice President of Commercial, Baffin 

Baffin products worn by the Chris Penner, Rob Carrick, Chris Surette, Ethan Lyons, Jamie Mackenzie: BOREALIS, ZONE, TOBOGGAN TOQUE 

The second last day consisted of brother Brent and friend, Chris Surette, joining Mark for an intimate and personal day as he started to reflect on his journey. In 2021, this group participated in the Lake Effect Expedition, biking around the entire perimeter of Lake Ontario. Their reunion with Mark on this journey evoked numerous nostalgic memories. Getting closer to the finish line, Mark, Brent and Chris took the time to appreciate the different scenery the Bruce Trail had to offer. Navigating over and under bridges, through the forest, and across gravel pathways, Mark, Brent, and Chris forged ahead as flurries of snow began to fall towards the end of their hike. 

(Left to right) Brent Hubner, Brother; Chris Surette, Founder, A for Adventure; Mark Hubner, Senior Vice President of Commercial, Baffin 

Baffin Products worn by Brent Hubner and Chris Surette:  ZONE, GUIDE GLOVE, TOBOGGAN TOQUE  

March 19th, 2024 – the final day.  After being on the trail for 10 consecutive days, constantly surrounded by the repetitive scenery, Mark powered through the last section of the Bruce Trail with the help of Baffin ambassador Connor Emeny, and friends Chris Surette and Colin Wright. March 19th marked the last day of winter, with the weather displaying flurries and high winds of snow. As his body ached, a flush of bittersweetness filled Mark as they approached the Bruce Trail Southern Terminus Cairn in Queenston Heights Park, Niagara-on-the-Lake. He was happy and proud to complete this feat, yet sad to close out this adventure. A well-deserved celebration followed the completion of this adventure at Gretzky Estates where Mark was surrounded by many Baffin partners, friends, and loved ones to celebrate this outstanding accomplishment. 

Back: (Left to right) Chris Surette, Founder, A for Adventure; Colin Wright, Friend of Baffin; Connor Emeny, Baffin Partner, Ultra Endurance Athlete 
Front: Mark Hubner, Senior Vice President of Commercial, Baffin 

Baffin Products worn by Connor Emeny, Colin Wright, and Chris Surette: ZONE, GUIDE GLOVE, POLAR MITT, TOBOGGAN TOQUE 


Mark Hubner, Senior Vice President of Commercial, Baffin at the Bruce Trail Southern Terminus Cairn 

Hiking a total of 936.63 km, Mark has officially completed the end-to-end journey that took him from Tobermory, Ontario through the Niagara Region. Spending 48 days on the trail, Mark was joined on select legs by family, the Baffin community, and high-profile Canadian guests, including Juno Award winning band Arkells, comedian Tom Green, conservationist and TV personality Blake Moynes, Hockey Hall of Famer Doug Gilmour and Olympians Elvis Stojko and Donovan Bailey. The Bruce Trail served as the ultimate testing ground, offering some of Ontario’s most challenging terrain. With treacherous rocky outcrops, dense forests and unpredictable weather conditions, each step of the journey tested the durability, comfort, and reliability of Baffin products. 

Thank you to the Bruce Trail Conservancy for all the support along the way, as well as friends, family, Baffin members, special guests and followers. As Mark concludes this journey, keep an eye out for the next expedition Mark will be taking on.