Real-World Tested™: HUDSON


At Baffin, we’re known for our innovation, technology, and function – but proving performance doesn’t stop at certifications or in a lab. Baffin boots go through an extensive process to make sure customers get the best product for their needs. The team at Baffin executes product testing in real world applications and environments to validate confidence and deliver the highest quality product. Our Real-World Testing™ (RWT™) system helps to recommend cold comfort levels associated with Baffin footwear. Each level has been determined by extensive use of Baffin product in real-world application on expeditions and jobsites around the world. Keep reading to hear about the Real-World Testing™ of our boot, HUDSON.


Meet Sam McPherson (Product Coordinator at Baffin) – a key member of the product development team. He enjoys being outdoors and applying real world testing to his everyday life with our footwear. For Sam, product development is extremely important as it validates Baffin’s high-performance technology. 

Sam’s love for the outdoors and discovering new adventures allowed for the perfect opportunity to test HUDSON. He was eager to hit the trails and rate the performance of Baffin's Northern Rated HUDSON boot while exploring the Niagara region on his feet.

While overcast, mud, and rain isn’t your typical hiking weather, Sam slipped on his boots and was ready to hike through Mountainview Conservation Area. The 25-hectare area houses Carolinian plants, provides habitat for animals, and shelters a portion of the Niagara Escarpment. Property highlights include exposed dolostone rock, many bedrock fractures and eroded talus slopes of the Escarpment. The landscape allowed for Sam to experience the full potential of HUDSON as the Bruce Trail is a steep terrain with rocks and unleveled grounds. 

baffin hudson boot

Sam was cautious at first to trek in a larger boot than he was used to. He didn't realise how much of a difference the boot would make on the path until he got started. He described the confidence he quickly gained in the boot as he hiked through the various terrains found in Niagara.

“I was skeptical at first, because HUDSON was a more aggressive boot than what I’m used to in this application,” Sam says. “Soon into the hike, I realized the impact HUDSON would have in the comfort I experienced, and the confidence I had when it came to managing these different surfaces. Halfway through our hike my friend was slipping and sliding as he had traditional hiking shoes on, while I had no problems finding traction on the wet surface. The ankle support, breathability, and multi traction grip gave me the support he needed through my hike.”

With the support, reliability, and trust HUDSON has to offer, it has become one of Sam’s all time favourite boots. The multi traction design is unique to Baffin and allows for grip on multiple surfaces.

Part of the Hunt & Fish Collection, HUDSON features Baffin’s Fixed-Fit multi-layer inner boot system, with proprietary technology including Thermaplush™ soft, next-to-foot wicking layer for warmth, form-fitting B-Tek™ Foam lining for comfort and B-Tek™ Heat lightweight, 4-channel hollow-fibre insulation for high-loft breathability in a broad range of temperatures. The boot is designed with a leather upper with nylon inserts for long-lasting durability. HUDSON has a removable anti-fatigue insole along with B-Tek™ Scent-Free next-to-foot lining for keeping odours at bay.

HUDSON is Northern Rated in Baffin’s Real-World Testing™ (RWT™) evolution – for the most diverse cold-experiences, where both wet and icy conditions may be present. Northern Rated cold comfort is achieved with moderate activity and has been proven by us from rivers to glaciers across the North. HUDSON has B-Tek™ Dry Waterproof Breathable technology - a powerful waterproof technology, offering wet protection with increased breathability. This category of waterproofing protects from the elements, while providing lightweight comfort for active lifestyles.

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Written by: April Lopez