At the outset of Fall 2023, Baffin’s Senior Vice President of Commercial, Mark Hubner embarked on a Real-World Testing expedition for the brand – an end-to-end hike of Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath, the Bruce Trail. Mark will be in Baffin’s every step of the way, covering over 900 km, from Tobermory, Ontario, through the Niagara Region by the end of the Winter season. Each week from Fall through Winter, he will hike a portion of the trail, camping on backcountry sites where possible along the way. 

According to the Bruce Trail Conservancy, only 4,440 people have recorded a completion of the intense end-to-end hike, which would take over 30 consecutive days of hiking 30 km or more to complete. Many spread this journey over several years. Providing an even greater challenge, Mark will complete this expedition in the Winter, which offers a unique and more arduous experience due to inclement weather and conditions along the pedestrian-only trails. 

The end-to-end hike of the Bruce Trail is Baffin’s first large-scale product testing expedition since the Winter circumnavigation of Lake Ontario in 2018 and will test various Baffin products, from current in-line boots to upcoming Fall/Winter 2024 launches as well as new products that are still in the development stage.  



“I love what I do. I take great pride in what I do. And I can’t do something halfway, three-quarters, nine-tenths. If I’m going to do something, I do all the way.” – Tom Cruise


On November 9th, Mark Hubner finished Phase Two of his extensive journey on the Bruce Trail. Mark not only navigated the trails, but he was also accompanied by many friends of Baffin and had the exciting opportunity of sharing side trail adventures with celebrity guests. As he set forth into Phase Three, Mark embraced the challenge of snow-covered and icy trails, fully equipped in his Baffin attire.


Mark Hubner, Senior Vice President of Commercial, Baffin

Mark Hubner, Senior Vice President of Commercial, Baffin



Leg 7: Bayview Escarpment Provincial Nature Reserve – Bognor Marsh Management Area

Dates completed: November 16

Kilometers completed: 27.46km

Baffin product worn by Mark Hubner: BOREALIS

Back on the trails, Mark began Leg 7 of his Bruce Trail expedition in the Bayview Escarpment Provincial Nature Reserve area. The sun was shining, and the trails, blanketed with leaves, exhibited excellent conditions. During this seven-hour hike, Mark trekked through crevices and jumped tree-to-tree to navigate the trail. Although there were other ways of traversing this portion, there was some fun had as he playfully problem solved the unique terrain. Along the way Mark met some friendly faces as he stumbled upon farmland. Taking a pause, fluffy cows started to take interest and walked towards him. Mark also met another hiker doing an end-to-end hike, but in the opposite direction. They swapped stories as two solo hikers out on the trails, and Mark continued his way toward Bognor Marsh Management Area. With a few hours left he hiked through the remaining trails submerged in mud and water, and ended Leg 7 having completed 27.46 km.

 Crawford Lake

Side Trail: Crawford Lake

Dates completed: November 17

Baffin product worn by Mark Hubner: BOREALIS

Baffin product worn by Donovan Bailey: BOREALIS,  TOBOGGAN TOQUE

Baffin product worn by Sunir Chandaria: BOREALIS,  KNIT TOQUE


On November 17th, Mark stepped into Milton, Ontario to explore the captivating loop of Crawford Lake. He was joined by Canadian Olympic champion sprinter, Donovan Bailey and theCEO of Chandaria Family Holdings, Inc. Canada, Sunir Chandaria. With the sun casting down, the trio set out along the trails encircling the meromictic lake –a unique body of water with undisturbed layers. As they trekked the wet and rocky trails, they had great discussions of the many expeditions Mark has been on, giving encouragement to continue to push boundaries.

As the day transitioned into night and the sky filled with darkness, Mark, Donovan, and Sunir ended their adventure, having conquered Crawford Lake. This journey of side trail brought excitement to Mark’s Bruce Trail expedition, creating a memorable chapter filled with great companionship and the beauty of a lakeside stroll.

 Left to right) Sunir Chandaria, CEO, BPL Canada; Donovan Bailey, Olympic Champion Sprinter(Left to right) Sunir Chandaria, CEO, BPL Canada; Donovan Bailey, Olympic Champion Sprinter

Leg 8: Bognor Marsh Management Area – Rocklyn Creek Management Area – Fairmount - Kimberley

Dates completed: November 29 – December 1

Kilometers completed: 66.74km

Baffin product worn by Mark Hubner: BOREALIS,  TOBOGGAN TOQUE

Baffin product worn by Jake MaGee: BOREALIS

Baffin product worn by Dustin Brown: BOREALIS, Prototype Shell


On November 29th, Mark experienced snow covered trails and freezing temperatures for the first time on his expedition. He was joined by the founder of Burlington restaurant The North Coal, Jake MaGee. Together, they trudged along frozen pathways, maneuvered beneath snow-laden tree branches, and bravely navigated the last few hours in complete darkness. After having hiked 26.12 km, they found their way to the Rocklyn Creek Management Area. This point marked the completion of the Sydenham Club section of the Bruce Trail and started the Beaver Valley Club section the next day.

On November 30th, Mark began the Beaver Valley Club section of the Bruce Trail. Him and Jake were joined by Dustin Brown from the Elemental Agency as they hiked towards Fairmount. The day unfolded with ideal conditions, blue skies with the sun shining through and untouched snow laying on the trails. At some points during their trek, the three had to wade through knee to waist-deep snow. Undiscouraged, they moved forward.

 (Left to right) Dustin Brown, Chief Strategy Officer, Elemental; Jake MaGee, Founder, The North Coal(Left to right) Dustin Brown, Chief Strategy Officer, Elemental; Jake MaGee, Founder, The North Coal

Along the way they spotted a porcupine, and a very fast deer that charged from one side of the trail to the other. Undeterred, they felt the warmth of the setting sun as they ascended the last few kilometers uphill, welcoming them to the end of the trail. Having covered a distance of 26.12 km, their adventurous day came to a close.

December 1st marked the conclusion of Leg 8, with Jake MaGee rejoining Mark for the final stretch. While the trails remained icy and snow-covered, the scenery was dominated by grey skies and dense fog, the most fog Mark had come across during this expedition. The last 14.49 km of Leg 8 proved to be an “uphill battle, literally and figuratively,” as described by Jake. They navigated their way through the fog, overcoming a few jump scares from red squirrels while climbing bridges and ladders, and they concluded their journey in Kimberley, Ontario. Having covered a total of 66.74 km, Jake and Mark successfully completed Leg 8 of the end-to-end Bruce Trail expedition and headed over to The North Coal for a well-deserved Baffin Burger.


Leg 9: Kimberley – Lower Valley Nature Reserve Side Trail | Hogg’s Falls – Fox Ridge Rd.

Dates completed: December 5 - 6

Kilometers completed: 47.19km

Baffin product worn by Mark Hubner: BOREALIS

Baffin product worn by Rob Carrick: BOREALIS


On December 5th, Mark continued his snowy trail adventures with Rob Carrick, a good friend of Baffin. Light snow gently fell, creating a picturesque scene as they made their way toward Eugenia Falls. Along the way, they encountered a posted sign that advised hikers to take the Crossover Side Trail due to the closure of the main trail during ski season. Mark and Rob navigated their way back onto the main trail after taking the brief detour and pressed on. They traversed stretches of boardwalk, which led them to the magnificent Eugenia Falls. As they took in the breathtaking sight, they concluded their hike at Lower Valley Nature Reserve Side Trail, covering a total of 24.40 km.

 Rob Carrick, Friend of BaffinRob Carrick, Friend of Baffin

On December 6th, Mark and Rob embarked on the final day of Leg 9, where the crisp crunch of their footsteps could be heard along the firm, frozen trails. Their day kicked off with a noticeable temperature change as they tackled a challenging uphill climb, bringing about a change in altitude. As they trekked uphill, the landscape unfolded and they were treated to panoramic views, overseeing a grand waterfall and countless snow-covered pine trees. Venturing through a mature maple forest, they encountered two stone arches that marked the end of a tunnel dug a century ago for an abandoned hydroelectricity project. Ending their journey having covered a distance of 22.79 km, Mark and Rob successfully completed their memorable hike of Leg 9.


Leg 10: Fox Ridge Rd. – Ravenna – Blue Mountain

Dates completed: December 14 - 15

Kilometers completed: 41.29km

Baffin product worn by Mark Hubner: BOREALIS, BASE LAYER TOP, BASE LAYER BOTTOM, , Prototype Sock 1,  GLOVE LINER

Baffin product worn by Doug Stamper: BOREALIS, INFERNO BASE LAYER TOP, INFERNO BASE LAYER BOTTOM, Vintage Soft Shell Jacket, FLEECE TOQUE, Prototype Sock 1


During Leg 10, Mark teamed up with his former Appleby College professor and now friend, Doug Stamper, with their sights set on reaching Blue Mountain. The sun peaked through the trees on both days, casting a warm light over the trails which were covered with a light dust of snow. On December 14th, they effortlessly covered 20.27 km in just 5 hours, showcasing their determination. The duo tackled another 21.02 km the following day.

 Castle Glen Estates – Nottawasaga Lookout Provincial Nature ReserveTheir journey led them through diverse landscapes, from crevasses to creeks, uncovering hidden gems like the Trail Tales Box – an intriguing find, containing a notebook filled with stories left by fellow hikers. On December 15th, Mark and Doug concluded their adventure atop Blue Mountain. With this accomplishment, Mark proudly marked the completion of the Beaver Valley Section and surpassed the halfway point of the main Bruce Trail, with each step taking him closer to completing his end-to-end expedition of the Bruce Trail.


Leg 11: Castle Glen Estates – Nottawasaga Lookout Provincial Nature Reserve

Dates completed: December 28

Kilometers completed: 15.49km

Baffin product worn by Mark Hubner: BOREALIS

Baffin product worn by Rob Meinert: BOREALIS


Resuming the adventure post-holiday hiatus, Mark kicked off Leg 11on December 28th, joined by his friend, Rob Meinert. The skies were hidden behind mist and fog, transforming the trails into a wet and muddy playground – a quite different scenery from previous days of Phase Three.

Doug Stamper, Friend of BaffinDoug Stamper, Friend of Baffin


Midway through the journey, Mark and Rob reached Pretty River Valley Provincial Park, located along the highest point of the Niagara Escarpment at 540 m above sea level. The trail unfolded with rolling hills and steep sections, testing the features of their Baffin boots and the hikers’ trekking skills. As they navigated their way with cautious steps above crevices and lively leaps over rivers, Mark and Rob completed Leg 11 having covered 15.49 km of main trail.

Mark Hubner, Senior Vice President of Commercial, BaffinMark Hubner, Senior Vice President of Commercial, Baffin



Phase Three brought the wonders of the Bruce Trail, transforming its landscape into a breathtaking winter wonderland filled with lots of snow. Across 9 days, Mark completed the Sydenham and Beaver Valley sections, having covered 198.17 km, officially bringing him past the halfway mark of the Bruce Trail.

As Mark continues his end-to-end Bruce Trail expedition, the completion of Phase Three brings him to 480.54 km of main trail hiked. Join us in the excitement and anticipation as we share monthly updates, unraveling the tales of Mark’s hikes along Canada’s oldest and longest-marked footpath.