“Adventure is a mindset, not a destination.” -Anonymous

As we head into the colder season and pack away our summer gear, it’s time to start thinking about the exciting Winter ahead. Baffin has earned a reputation as a leader in the cold-climate footwear industry by testing footwear in real-world applications, all around the world. This Winter, Baffin's Senior Vice President of Commercial, Mark Hubner, will be embarking on an end-to-end hike of the Bruce Trail, covering over 900 km. Starting on September 25, 2023, Hubner will begin the expedition, Baffin's first large-scale product testing expedition since 2018, alongside Baffin's President, Paul Hubner.

(Left to right) Paul Hubner, President, Baffin and Mark Hubner; Senior Vice President of Commercial, Baffin


The team at Baffin executes product testing in real-world applications and environments to validate confidence and deliver the highest quality product. This philosophy has driven Baffin to every corner of the Earth, with expeditions to the North and South Poles, Machu Picchu, Lake Ontario, the Rocky Mountains and more, putting Baffin products to the test. The end-to-end hike of the Bruce Trail will provide real-world testing opportunities for various Baffin products, from current in-line boots to upcoming Fall/Winter 2024 launches as well as new product that are still only in development stage.

“While these global expeditions have been extraordinary, we have a diverse natural playground in our own backyard. The Bruce Trail has been a part of Baffin’s story for years, with product testing, team-building outings and weekends spent on the trail inspiring us all. I look forward to not only challenging myself, but connecting with the Baffin community and my family, including my young son, along the way. I’m thrilled to embark on an end-to-end expedition and to introduce a fourth generation of Hubners to Baffin’s real-world testing philosophy.” – Mark Hubner. 

The Bruce Trail consists of over 900 km of main trail with additional side trails to explore. It would take hikers over 30 days of continuous hiking to complete the full trail, a challenge only 4,440 people have completed, with many spreading their journey over several years. Hubner will take on the Bruce Trail in the Winter season, meaning there is a likelihood of inclement weather throughout this expedition. Footwear must be selected appropriately.  


(Left to right) Jessica Liut, Director, Brand, Baffin; Michael McDonald, CEO, Bruce Trail Conservancy; Mark Hubner, Senior Vice President of Commercial, Baffin; Sidney Durante, Brand & Product Coordinator Baffin; Paul Hubner, President, Baffin


The first phase of the expedition will be completed in three days, hiking a total distance of 50 km. Each week, Hubner will hike a portion of the trail, camping on backcountry sites along the way. He will be joined on select legs of the trip by members of the Baffin team, partners, and high-profile Canadian guests, along with his family – many of whom have partaken in Baffin adventures in the past. Hubner will begin the journey at Northern Terminus, with stops at Little Cove Beach and High Dump, and then end at Dryer’s Bay. 


Baffin has been a supporter of the Bruce Trail Conservancy for the past decade, and recently launched the Trail Conservancy Project. Unknowingly, hikers bring in invasive species to the trail through their boots. These are the top threats to the Niagara Escarpment biodiversity. To help aid this problem Baffin has committed to building 100 boot brush stations to place along the Bruce Trail, adding to the existing 35 located throughout the over 900 km main trail. Cleaning your footwear on Baffin boot brush stations before and after entering the Bruce Trail will protect the diverse ecosystem within the trail. 

As a part of the ongoing citizenship efforts with the Bruce Trail Conservancy, Baffin will be raising money throughout the expedition to support the organization as they care for protected natural lands, a critical step to building nature-based solutions to address the climate crisis.  To donate to the Bruce Trail Conservancy, follow this link:  https://brucetrail.org/donate-baffinadventure.

We will be following Mark on his adventurous journey through Canada’s oldest and longest-marked footpath. Stay tuned for monthly updates on his progress!