Build-a-Boot: How Baffin Makes Your Footwear

Ever wonder how a boot is created? What steps a boot goes through before it arrives on your doorstep ready to wear? Keep reading to hear about the creation of Baffin boots, from mere idea to product on your feet.


It all starts with an idea.

Whether inspired by a new technology thought up on an expedition, or taking a note from the latest trends, each new Baffin boot has a unique origin story. Led by our President, Paul Hubner, Baffin’s product and development team are always innovating, taking a spark of inspiration and turning it into a new product or style that will fill a customer need.

Once the team has brainstormed and researched a new idea, it’s time to sketch. A sketch of the new boot is created, so the team can analyze it for changes and adjustments that might need to be made. This is where the details really shine through. Adjustments on the thickness of the base, the placements of eyelets or even the length of laces can all affect the way the boot is experienced by the end users.

Yellowknife Winter Boot

After the sketch is finalized, a blueprint of the boot is created. With specifications and measurements in place, we are now able to create moulds from the blueprint and begin prototyping. In the prototyping stage, desired materials and patterns are applied to ensure they will work for the product and design. If the product team approves these materials, the prototype sample can be finalized.

The next step is to begin testing. In this stage, sizing, comfort and accuracy are tested. It is at this stage that we ensure the height, weight and material of the boot will provide the best experience while being worn. We look at the materials, stitching and details to ensure the highest quality standard. We can adjust at this point to correct any issues or preferences the team may have. This could mean altering the moulds, changing the base height, fixing the weight and many other slight tweaks that can greatly affect the final product. Once these specifications are finalized, we look at the materials to ensure they are the best suited. While confirming materials we also decide on final colours. Perhaps the sample doesn’t match the idea and the sketch, or we think a darker shade would be more impactful - this is the time to fine-tune all the details.

How Yellowknife is made Baffin

These changes are all made, and we receive our next sample, a development sample, which is tested to make sure the boot meets all industry regulations. The development sample is used at the most important stage of our creation process, Real-World Testing™. At Baffin, we believe that product testing shouldn’t end in a factory or lab, so we take our product, so we take our product out into the world and wear them in the environments they are meant to endure. By testing these products ourselves first, we have confidence that they will succeed for our customers. If the product passes the Real-World Testing™ process, it is ready for production.

Overall, this process can take between 1-3 years from ideation to finished product. From start to finish this process incorporates almost every member of the team – making it a true Baffin experience.