In the Spring of 2023, Baffin announced the Trail Conservancy Project in partnership with the Bruce Trail Conservancy. This partnership focuses on preventing the spread of invasive species with Baffin’s commitment to build over 100 Boot Brush Stations to be placed along the Bruce Trail by 2025. By placing Boot Brush Stations along the Bruce Trail, hikers can brush off their boots before continuing to help prevent the spread of invasive species.  

The Bruce Trail Conservancy played a significant role in the recent Bruce Trail end-to-end expedition that Baffin’s Senior Vice President of Commercial, Mark Hubner embarked on to Real-World Test Baffin products. Along the way, Mark was able to utilize the existing 35 Boot Brush Stations already placed along the trail, knowing how vital these tools are to the protection of the diverse ecosystem within the Bruce Trail. 

(Left to right) Michael MacDonald, CEO, Bruce Trail Conservancy; Mark Hubner, Senior Vice President of Commercial, Baffin 

The annual Earth Day Boot Brush Station Build took place on April 23, 2024. With dedication and enthusiasm, 40 Boot Brush Stations were completed, doubling the amount accomplished last year. 



Baffin team members and friends of Baffin swapped their day-to-day footwear for drills and industrial boots, coming together to construct Boot Brush Stations. These Baffin employees generously dedicated part of their day to take part in this initiative. Under the guidance of Michael McDonald, CEO of the Bruce Trail Conservancy, and additional members of the Conservancy, all participants were able to easily follow along, and successfully complete multiple Boot Brush Stations during each session. 

Throughout the day, special guests including travel influencer, Sarah Maclean (@wellnesstravelled), lifestyle influencers, Jenelle Smit (@nellecreations), Kristen Pitman (@thedelilahblog), and Amanda Weldon (@belowtheblonde), The Morning Show and Hamilton Tiger-Cats Game Day host, Natalie Sexton (@natalie_sexton_), and Hamilton Tiger-Cats legend and Brand and Community Ambassador, Simoni Lawrence, all made an appearance to support and participate in this initiative.  

A special thank you to Ontario-based company Turkstra Lumber and their continued support. Their generous donation of materials set the stage for this year's event, creating a seamless process for constructing these stations. 



Step 1: The Base 

Each Boot Brush Station requires a sturdy base that is set on the ground. Working as a team, 5 pieces of wood are glued and drilled together to form a rectangular base. 

Step 2: The Stand 

The stand connects the base and the sign. Being dispersed on the Bruce Trail throughout the entirety of the year, these Boot Brush Stations need to be able to withstand any sort of weather the trail encounters. The design of these stands ensures their resilience against all types of weather conditions. 

Step 3: The Branding 


Without the generous donation from Turkstra Lumber, building these Boot Brush would not have been possible or be easily made. Upon completion of each base, each one is branded with a Turkstra Lumber logo burned into it. 

Step 4: The Sign  

Once the base and the stand are assembled, the Bruce Trail Conservancy will then attach a sign to each structure. Depending on the location of the Boot Brush Station, each sign will recognize invasive species specific to its particular area.  

Step 5: The Brush 

Lastly, the most important part of these Boot Brush Stations is of course the brush. Before distributing each station along the Bruce Trail, the Bruce Trail Conservancy will secure a brush at the base of each station, allowing for hikers to brush off their boots before continuing the Bruce Trail. 

The Final Product 

Simoni Lawrence and Natalie Sexton with final product 

After assembling and building each portion individually, the Bruce Trail Conservancy will assemble the Boot Brush Stations and allocate them throughout the Bruce Trail. These boot brush stations represent more than just a practical solution for hikers; they symbolize our dedication to preserving and respecting the natural world. With each brush, we are not only keeping our trails clean but also fostering a deeper connection with nature. Let this initiative inspire us to continue finding innovative ways to protect and conserve our precious outdoor spaces for generations to come. Together, we can make a lasting difference on Earth Day and every day. 

Thank you to the Bruce Trail Conservancy for their invaluable support and allowing us to be a part of this initiative. Baffin is eager for next year’s event to reach a goal of building 100 Boot Brush Stations by the end of 2025. Together, we can continue making a positive impact on our trails and communities.