In March 2024, Canadian artist and environmentalist Meg O’Hara embarked on Icelandic Odyssey – an expedition focused on ocean conservation and the preservation of polar and sub-polar environments – with Baffin as her official footwear and apparel sponsor.

We sat down with Meg to hear more about her important journey and her partnership with Baffin.


Photo Credit: Dawid Majewski

Hi Meg, welcome to Field Notes! Before we get started, can you introduce yourself and the work you do?

Hi there! My name is Meg O’Hara and my work is based on ocean conservation in the polar and sub-polar regions.

You recently came home from Iceland. Can you tell us about Icelandic Odyssey and its focus on ocean conservation? What inspired you to take this expedition, and what were your goals going into it?

Absolutely! Icelandic Odyssey was focused on ocean conservation in sub-polar environments. The journey began with a unique opportunity to meet one-on-one with Ambassador Jeannette Menzies, the Canadian Ambassador to Iceland. Our conversation delved into Arctic policy, ocean conservation, and Iceland's remarkable landscape.

Following this meeting, I had the privilege of visiting the Embassy of Canada to Iceland, where I engaged with Ambassador Menzies' team – sharing insights into my project and exchanging ideas about the impact of climate change on Iceland.

With newfound knowledge and inspiration, I set off to explore Iceland's South Coast, where most of the ice formations are located. This leg of the journey allowed me to witness these majestic glaciers and icebergs up close. It was a profound experience that reinforced the importance of ocean conservation and our collective responsibility to protect these vulnerable environments.

I am using the experience to create a series of paintings inspired by Iceland.

Before your expedition, we were proud to announce you as Baffin’s newest Brand Ambassador! Can you talk about how the partnership with Baffin came about, and why you choose to collaborate with us on the journey?

The partnership with Baffin came about quite naturally. As an avid adventurer, I've long been familiar with Baffin's reputation for producing high-quality gear that withstands the harshest of conditions. Growing up as a kid in Canada who loved to play outdoors during the winter, I’ve been using Baffin products for most of my life.

When the opportunity arose for the Icelandic Odyssey, I knew that having the right gear would be crucial, and I wanted to collaborate with a brand that could amplify the message of environmentalism. I’ve been a Creative Ambassador for Protect Our Winters Canada since 2018, and Baffin is a brand partner for the cause, so we knew it was a seamless fit.

Partnering with Baffin allowed me to not only stay warm and comfortable throughout the expedition, but also to align my journey with a brand that shares my values of sustainability, and to amplify the message of Protect Our Winters. It’s an honor to represent Baffin as a Brand Ambassador and to continue our shared mission of protecting our planet for future generations.

Photo Credit: Dawid Majewski

Which Baffin products did you use during your expedition, and how did they perform in the Icelandic environment?

During my expedition to Iceland, I utilized a variety of Baffin products that kept me warm, dry and happy! My footwear included the YELLOWKNIFE boots, POND boots, and CABIN hybrid slippers. YELLOWKNIFE were perfect for navigating diverse terrain and hiking on glaciers, providing exceptional warmth and protection against the cold. POND, on the other hand, were my go-to choice for exploring wet conditions along the shoreline, offering versatile waterproofing and comfort. Lastly, CABIN were a cozy addition for sunny but cold days, allowing me to relax and stay warm while admiring the scenery.

In addition to these boots, I also relied on Baffin's GLOVE LINER and NORTH SOCK to keep me comfortable throughout the expedition. These accessories proved to be lifesavers, providing an extra layer of warmth and protection against the elements.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the performance of Baffin products in the Icelandic environment. Not only did they keep me warm and dry amidst freezing temperatures and harsh conditions, but they also offered superior comfort and durability, allowing me to focus on exploring Iceland's breathtaking landscapes without any worries.

Is there one thing that happened on the expedition that will really stick with you?

One unforgettable moment from the expedition was when I flew into the capital and had a perfect view of an active volcano. It was my first time witnessing a volcanic eruption, and the sight was iconic.

What sets Baffin products apart from others, especially in terms of performance in extreme conditions?

Easy – Baffin products are field tested in extreme cold and extreme environments. They’re designed for expeditions like this, so I know I can depend on them.

Photo Credit: Dawid Majewski

As you mentioned, we both care deeply about the environmental non-profit
Protect Our Winters Canada. Can you take a minute to share about this cause?

Protect Our Winters aims to turn environmentalists into climate activists. As I mentioned before, I’m a Creative Ambassador for the cause, and Baffin is a brand partner. Protect Our Winters also supported me on this journey and is an amazing environmental non-profit everyone should know about. There is power in numbers when it comes to climate, and Protect Our Winters aims to bridge that gap.

How do you hope your experiences in Iceland will inspire others to engage with nature and contribute to conservation efforts?

Through my experiences in Iceland, I hope to inspire others to engage with nature and contribute to conservation efforts by sharing the beauty of the natural world, highlighting the importance of conservation, and instilling hope for a sustainable future.

What advice would you give to individuals looking to embark on their own adventures in colder climates, based on your experience with Baffin gear?

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear! Plan, dress warmly, and get out there.

Like the team at Baffin, you focus on advocating for the environment. What is one action step that everyone reading this can take to make an impact on climate action?


Meg O’Hara