Sky-High Impact

In a world where fashion meets function, there's a trend that's stomping its way into our hearts and wardrobes - the mighty platform winter boots. We're talking about boots that don't just keep your toes toasty but also elevate your style game to new heights. Whether treading through snowy landscapes or simply strutting down the street, platform winter boots are rising to the top of this season’s must-have list.

A Fashionable Ascent

Baffin is proud to introduce the Wedge Collection, a new series of women’s winter platform boots. Inspired by the journey to reach the highest elevation, whether by scaling the tallest mountains or taking on the skyscrapers dotting the city streets, the Wedge Collection combines Baffin's comprehensive technologies with a bold platform base and modern aesthetic.

Offering both protection from the elements and a trendy silhouette, the Wedge Collection merges fashion with function, taking you to new heights.

GENEVA | Women's Boot


TORNIO | Women's Boot

High and Dry

Featuring Baffin's most comprehensive proprietary slip-resistant technology IceBite® Grip, which provides greater slip resistance on ice than conventional rubber, the Wedge Collection provides the confidence and security needed in cold-climate footwear. Made with Baffin's Fixed-Fit multi-layer inner boot system, with proprietary technology to provide warmth, comfort and breathability, the Wedge Collection offers comprehensive protection, within a comfortable and lightweight boot.

The Wedge Collection is Real-World Tested™* (RWT™) Tundra Rated, proven by Baffin at latitudes and altitudes during Canadian winters. Designed for experiencing snow-covered environments and made to withstand harsh environments including hardy winds and serious cold, the Wedge Collection thrives where diverse conditions are endured. From plunging temperatures to deep snowfalls, the Wedge Collection provides comfort for those experiencing the coldest season, no matter the hemisphere.​

The Pinnacle of Winter Fashion

Whether you're embracing the wilderness or conquering the concrete jungle, the Wedge Collection has mastered the art of combining rugged, outdoor aesthetics with an urban edge. The result? An undeniable elevation in your style.

So, why wait? As winter's icy tendrils draw near, gear up and step up with the hottest trend in winter fashion. Choose your platform, choose your style, and let the world be your snowy catwalk. In the end, it's not just about the boots; it's about the journey they'll take you on, one fashionable step at a time. Embrace the rise of platform winter boots and leave your mark on winter's frozen terrain.