The Cold Snap: Baffin, the CFL and a Legacy of Cold-Weather Perseverance

Winter in the Great White North - a season of ice, snow, and sub-zero temperatures. To the uninitiated, it may seem like a daunting, frigid ordeal. But for Canadians, it's a time of unity, of embracing the cold and celebrating the unique joys it brings. From coast to coast, the chilly embrace of winter is a shared experience that unites us all, no matter what activities we indulge in.

To celebrate the second year as the official Boot of the Canadian Football League (CFL) and the Grey Cup, Baffin revived the “Cold Unites Us” campaign, to tell the story of the dedication and passion for thriving in cold weather shared by Baffin and the CFL, while revisiting the strong history of both.

The new “Cold Unites Us” campaign commemorates the long legacy Baffin and the CFL share in standing alongside fans as they experience the extraordinary, even through the intensity of a cold winter. Whether trekking to the North Pole or filling a stadium in a snowstorm, the shared experience of facing frigid temperatures unites Canadians across the country.

Using historic Grey Cup footage, along with a combination of vintage and modern outdoor adventure footage, the campaign celebrates Baffin’s support of fans through the coldest weather and the most intense moments, from the trail to the stands.

This season, Baffin also introduced CUSH (CFL), a limited-run extension of the best-selling Hybrid Slipper Collection, now sporting logos of the Canadian Football League (CFL) and all nine teams. Ideal for watching the game at home or tailgating stadium side, CUSH (CFL) marries indoor comfort with an outdoor lifestyle. The launch of CUSH (CFL) marks the first licensed product collaboration between the two organizations.

CUSH has been a fan-favourite product for years, keeping customers warm whether they’re setting up camp in the backcountry or pre-game at the stadium. With the launch of CUSH (CFL) fans can unleash their game-day spirit by repping the league or their favourite team in style and comfort.

cush cfl slippers

CUSH (CFL) is different than a standard slipper – it’s a sleeping bag for your feet!™. Made with Hex-Flex® reinforced hexagonal nylon upper for increased durability, rip-resistance and longevity, a durable nylon bottom with added silicon for slip-resistance and a fixed PolyWool™ polyester wool blend footbed for breathable warmth, CUSH (CFL) offers elemental protection for both indoor and outdoor use.

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What is it about the cold that brings Canadians together? It's simple - the weather is the great equalizer. It doesn't matter if you're a city dweller or living in a remote cabin in the woods; when the mercury plummets, we all share a common bond. The camaraderie begins when you step outside and are greeted by a crisp, bone-chilling breeze.

Don’t let the chill of winter deter you from experiencing something truly remarkable; some of life's greatest adventures unfold in the coldest of moments. Whether you’re on an Arctic expedition or cheering on your team in a Grey Cup snowstorm, curling up by the fire or commuting through slick city streets, Baffin has the products to help you achieve the extraordinary. 

Through the harshest climates, the coldest days and the toughest odds, we were there. The Cold Unites Us.