Compound Philosophy: At Baffin® we always use premium, high-quality raw materials to produce our various finished compounds for moulded bases and fully moulded boots. Our materials are sourced with the applications for which they will be used in mind. We flex each finished base or boot, with each compound blend, 50,000 times, in a range of cold temperatures to ensure their durability.

Here is a breakdown of our proprietary compounds that you will find are combined to make each series or product unique:

Arctic™ Rubber: This TPR synthetic blend is our choice compound for base shell’s as it provides ultimate protection from the elements; striking a calculated balance between lightweight flexibility, cold-resistance, and resilience.

Premium Rubber: Baffin’s standard, natural-based rubber blend for flexible durability.

Superlite™ Blend: Our urethane-based synthetic compound allows for less material to achieve the same result, thus resulting in a performance fitting, lighter-weight base and boot.

LiteGrip Blend: Baffin’s proprietary balance of rubber and EVA produces an ultra-light blend, mouldable from the midsole through to the outsole to provide cushioning and grip while greatly reducing the weight of the boot.

Polar® Rubber: Baffin’s  Polar  blend  has  been  developed  to  be more  durable,  lighter weight  and  remain  more  flexible  at  cold temperatures  than  traditional  vulcanized  rubbers.  This  results in  a  softer  rubber  to  maximize  grip  on  snow  and  ice,  without compromising resistance  to  abrasion  and  wear.

ICE BITE™ technology: for leading  slip-resistance  on  ice  and  in  cold  environments, 3x more slip resistant  than  conventional  rubber.

Superlite™ Blend:  Our  urethane-based  synthetic  compound allows  for  less  material  to  achieve  the  same  result,  thus  resulting in  a  performance  fitting,  lighter-weight  base  and  boot.

GelFlex: This  compound  maintains  high  flexibility  even  in cold  temperatures.  When  used  in  midsoles,  GelFlex  helps with  shock  absorption  and  rebounding  which  ensures  more boot  to  surface  contact. 

EVA: A resilient and lightweight air-filled compound that insulates and cushions.

Traditional Thermoplastic

Rubber PVC:
Traditional Polyvinyl Chloride resistant compound

: An oil and acid resistant compound that exhibits high abrasion resistance

: An oil and acid resistant rubber that will stay flexible at low temperatures

PU Polyurethane: An oil, acid and abrasion resistant compound specifically engineered for the North American market