Our multi-layer inner boot creates a warm environment because body moisture is wicked away. A Hydromax™ layer, combined with Baffin’s proprietary B-Tek™ (four channel hollow fibre) layer acts as a moisture control system keeping the foam dry and funneling water vapour out of the boot.

Our innermost layer, Baffin’s Thermaplush™, is a next-to-skin material that feels remarkably soft and smooth. A vaporized aluminum membrane has a silver surface which reflects energy back toward the boot.

Lastly, our waffle-comb foot-beds under the lining system create a space for warm air under the foot; and a double aluminum insole reflects cold toward the outsole.

As we offer a wide range of temperature protection, each series has a unique combination of these layers – sometimes doubling up where needed – to keep you warm in the most extreme conditions.