When we say a boot or shoe is waterproof - we mean it.  Alongside our fully-moulded rubber & waterproof neoprene boots, we also produce waterproof leather and nylon footwear. In addition to using waterproof materials: that means waterproof leathers, nylons and stitching processes, we also use waterproof breathable membranes.

The bootie construction of our waterproof footwear means that a waterproof and breathable membrane is built into the shoe between our lining systems and outer materials. This keeps your foot dry while keeping water out, and allowing moisture that your body creates evaporate through.

When you see a boot or shoe listed as “WATERPROOF” it means that we have held inflated that membrane with air and submerged it underwater to visibly confirm that air is not escaping and therefore water is not entering.


We also list products which are “WATERPROOF BASE” which means that until the stitch line your boot can be submerged in water and your foot will stay dry.  At and above the stitch line we ensure the upper of all our winter boots are water-resistant and use waterproof components.