Led by Matty McNair and joined by the Angry Planet T.V. Show, Paul and his youngest son Ryan set out on this years trek to cross Baffin Island by ski and dog sled!  Upon his arrival, Paul reflected "It's been a long time since my father was here, in fact there was no Iqaluit (called Frobisher Bay back then) and Nunavut didn't officially exist.  Some how I feel an attachment to a place I have only read about (and of course named a company after)”.  

After training in Iqaluit, the team flew to Pangnirtung where they would set out to ski and sled across Frobisher Bay and through Auyuittuq National Park.  The trip was an amazing display of Northern Lights, Polar Bear tracks and challenging ice fields.  Although the team had a dog sled team to accompany them, the bulk of the trekking was done on skis.  Paul was quick to note that the Baffin boot and Icetrek Flexi Binding combo is always a success.  Eric Philips invented Flexi Bindings to fit Baffin's Polar Series and are used on more Polar journeys than any other ski binding.  

Baffin island is home to Mt. Asgard, Mt. Thor, Arctic Fox, Polar Bear, Arctic Hare and barren-ground Caribou – the many terrains of Arctic wilderness is the perfect playground for testing a wide range of Baffin gear.