The 2008 North Pole trip was a special one for Baffin – it was a family affair. Led by Doug Stoup, Paul trekked with his sons Mark and Brent on this expedition. It was a demanding but bonding experience, and served as a great opportunity to test early prototypes of what would later contribute to Baffin’s apparel system. 


The fog-off face mask was inspired when “Cold blowing icy winds meant we had to keep our goggles on and our faces fully covered. The ice builds up inside and outside of your mask, making it extremely uncomfortable and cold. It is a nasty feeling when you stop for a break and lower your mask to take in a drink from the thermos. Not only do you drag the mask of ice down across a relatively warmer neck, but after your drink you have to rework the ice to form it on your face again. I have a love hate relationship with the breaks we take during the day. One side wants to stop due to fatigue, the other side wants to keep moving so as not to experience the finger numbing, bone rattling Arctic chill. Having said all that, the trek has been everything I hoped for and more.” -Paul Hubner upon reaching the Geographic North Pole. 

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