The 2006 expedition gave Paul and the Baffin team a real hands-on, experiential understanding of how the inner-boot system performs in extreme cold weather environments.  Reaching the Geographic North Pole in Baffin boots was a success, and left a natural follow up challenge – trekking the last degree to the Geographic South Pole.  Baffin’s Polar Series is aptly named, as the Endurance boot was taken to both the North and, on this expedition, South poles.  The Antarctic is a dry climate and a desolate place reaching very low temperatures. 
On this trip, Paul experienced temperatures in the –40s and 130km/hr winds. “Did you know they have a 300 club at the South Pole?  Those who spend winter there crank the sauna to 200F on the first day it reaches –100F outside.  They then run naked (except for wearing their Baffin’s!) out to touch the Pole”.  Well, things may get dark and dreary down there, but it’s mind over matter and they sure know how to work hard/play hard!